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Hello Everyone,

How are you doing?

I am Shivang, a computer programmer by profession. I presently work for HP.
I’ve built this website to share & acquire knowledge in the field of computer science.

I professionally write code, did my graduation in computer science & engineering.
I have worked with big guns in the industry in the past. Be it selling products online, or booking tickets online for your next vacation or wiring money across continents. I’ve worked on software solution in several domains, maintained code, written features from scratch, worked on live production systems handling a crazy rate of traffic every second.

There is no thing more beautiful than designing scalable systems.

Over time I’ve acquired the skills to build stuff right from idea to a cloud-ready scalable product.

Presently, I am writing a multiplayer online strategy cricket game using Html5, Java, Spring, Google Cloud Datastore, Memcache etc.

A screenshot from the game

8bitmen.com Shivang Sarawagi Emotional Cricket Fan











Well, this was about me. Speaking of the blog

What you’ll find on this blog?

Articles on:

1. Latest trends in technology, & when I talk about tech I mean information & knowledge related to building software systems. Designing state of the art scalable architectures; Software System Design; Open source & stuff;
2. Anything & everything related to writing code, computer science, application development.
3. Game development

Via 8bitmen.com I try to relate the technological concepts with real-life practical day to day scenarios. Which makes stuff relatable & really easy to understand; Also, I am amped about sharing my invaluable experience acquired working in this magical software building universe;

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