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8bitmen.com is a growing blog with over 20K page views per month. In the month of April, the blog hit 20,695 page views with a high user engagement of 3.24 minutes average user time on the page.

Most of the traffic is organic in nature with over 85% of the readers visiting the blog from their desktops.

The blog publishes content primarily on the backend development, system design & the real-world architectures of large-scale services. If you want to showcase your product/service to the readers of this blog. Please drop me in an email at [email protected]

You can advertise your product on the blog in four ways:


1. Feature Your Product On The Right Side Section Of The Blog  

You can advertise your product on the section that is on the right side of the blog, that goes along with the main content. The ad can either be a small image upto 315 * 135 pixels or can be in text format with 4 to 5 lines containing the link to your product/service.

Right side bar on 8bitmen.com for ad placement and sponsorship


2. Place Your Banner On The Blog Header – Right At The Top

You can choose to place your product banner on the header section of the blog. The banner should be upto 900 * 150 pixels.

Header section of 8bitmen.com for ad placement and sponsorships


3. Publish A Sponsored Blog Article

You can write a sponsored blog article having a minimum length of 800 words & get it published on the blog. The article should not have already been published elsewhere. It can either be educational in nature, can contain information about your service/product or may contain a job or an event posting.


4. Get Mentioned In Text From Within A Specific Article On The Blog

If you think the content of a certain article aligns well with your product you can get your product mentioned at some point within the article, as a sponsored mention.


However, you choose to run your advertisement on the blog. You’ll also be mentioned in the sponsorship feed in the footer of the blog.
Send me an email at [email protected] if you have any further queries.