Wassup!! Welcome to the programming news feed of this blog.

This news feed is the answer to the questions asked by us all the time, being in the software development universe, such as Hey, mate what are you working on? What’s new, what’s the latest in the software technology? Anything I should be aware of.

What’s going on in the software development world, web development world, cloud computing? Is there any new programming language in the market? Where is the industry headed? What are the trends, what should I learn next to give myself a push in my career?

I’ve always looked out for this sort of information on the web & have found more business-oriented information with respect to technology as opposed to it being hardcore technical. Hence this feed.

It will contain news on Programming Languages, Tools and frameworks, Web development news, Distributed systems, Cloud computing news, Software development trends, Software industry trends, Job trends, Decentralized web, Scalability, Software Architecture, Designing large scale distributed systems etc.

Besides the core facts, I’ll also share my thoughts on stuff, computing concepts, anything interesting & helpful I come across.

The feed will be continually updated. You can follow 8bitmen on Twitter, Facebook, bookmark this page, subscribe to the browser notifications to stay notified on the new content.

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So, without any further ado. Let’s get on with it.

Programming & Latest Software Technology News Feed Volume 2 

Programming & Latest Software Technology News Feed Volume 1