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Facebook Talks About Fabricator A distributed Networks System Designed to Handle Traffic Surge,  Expands It’s Data Centers & Moves Towards Renewable Energy

Fellas, Facebook is expanding it’s data centres, setting up multi-storied centres at new places. Also, upgrading the existing ones. Well, that’s pretty normal you would say. If a company grows it would naturally scale up but the interesting thing is it is moving towards the renewable energy. It is whipping up new state of the art creative designs & solutions, cooling systems etc. that would enable data centres to run on clean energy. Thus keeping down the greenhouse emissions by a large extent.

Using clean energy for data centres is the talk of the town.

Well when you are running a network with over a couple of billion people, you got to continuously innovate to meet technical challenges.  Facebook further discusses its distributed network system Fabricator designed to handle traffic surge & different traffic patterns. The system is designed on open building blocks like Wedge 100 & FBOSS Facebook Open Switching System. The entire traffic in & out of Facebook is being intercepted by the Fabric Aggregation Layer.


Building Powerful UIs: Walmart Labs UI/UX Product Manager Shares His Experience Designing the Loading Screens Of the Apps

Walmart Labs UI/UX Product Manager Ricky talks about his experience designing the loading screens of the apps. Experimenting with several different types, static loading screens, screens with a progress bar, a loading screen displaying tips on creating a good UI. The, most commonly used, loading spinner screen. And studying user behaviour. Understanding how they respond to respective screens helps build the most effective UI.

Also, there is no one solution that fits all.

If you ask me, we have a very short attention span & are impatient creatures. I would prefer a screen with a progress bar. I should know how things are going. Atleast it gives me a sense of moving forward & not stuck in one place. It does have that little power to keep the user waiting to some extent.


How Integration Of Blockchain With Gaming is Helping Gamers & Game Publishers

Implementation of blockchain & use of crypto tokens in games is gaining ground & this is not a bubble or a hype but for obvious reasons. Enabled by blockchain, gamers can carry around stuff, that is, items bought in one game to other games.

This averts the value of the items going null when or if a particular game goes out of business. Players can easily use the items bought in that game in other games. You might have heard the term Multiverse in context to this. Multiverse simply means using items, bought in one gaming universe, in different gaming universes.

This also helps the businesses as users are not wary of the game being put offline by the game publisher & all their investments going void. They more inclined to make the in-game microtransactions having the safety net of the blockchain.


Enjin Offers a Java SDK & an API For Game Developers to Leverage the Blockchain enabled Innovative Game Mechanics, Monetization & Other Cool Features | It‘s Minecraft Plugin Get Over 5 Million Downloads

One platform which is helping game developers integrate blockchain into their games & other places, like on websites & social media, to sell items is Enjin. More popularly known for its Enjin coin integration with Minecraft, the second most popular game on planet earth. Enjin offers several other features to gamers such as building websites, running communities, implementing chat & stuff.

Not just Minecraft it has enabled gamers build communities for games like Fortnite, Arma3, GTA 5, World Of Warcraft & so on.

Enjin has written an e-commerce Minecraft plugin which already has over 5 million downloads & facilitates millions of US $ sales of virtual goods per month.

It has also developed a Java SDK & with Minecraft running on it. Which makes game devs leverage the Enjin blockchain features, monetization, innovative game mechanics & stuff.

If you as a game developer intend to use crypto tokens as your game currency. Enjin offers an API & several SDKs in different languages like Java, NodeJS & so on for the community to build their games against.


Assess the Microservices Architecture Of Your Business, Get A Best Practices Insight Into the Individual Services Running

Chris Richardson, the creator of cloudfoundry.com has published a Microservices architecture assessment based on his years of experience running online systems, also training & consulting various organizations around the globe, helping them scale.

The assessment helps us compare against & improve the architecture of the microservices running in our production environments. The assessment helps us contemplate on our application architecture, organization & process. It evaluates the current architecture, figures out weaknesses & help fix it.


Patreon Engineering Managers Talk About How They Are Using AWS to Save Their Creators From Fraud

Patreon is a web portal which helps individual creators gather funds from their patrons. It’s a membership platform which offers tools for the creators to run a subscription content service. Processing millions of payments each month.

Facilitated by AWS Amazon Web Service, Patreon data science team runs background operations triggered with every financial operation like payment from credit cards & stuff to figure out the legitimacy of a transaction. Their systems track if the credit card being used are legit. Isn’t a stolen one or if a single account has made a pretty big amount of transaction which indicates money laundering.

Watch the Youtube video


UnCaptcha An Automated System Which Breaks Google’s ReCaptcha with 91% Accuracy. Repo on GitHub.

Uncaptcha is an automated system which solves Google’s reCaptcha with a very high success rate. You might have surely come across the Captcha blocks while browsing on sites, especially during account creation. It challenges you to prove that you are human by clicking on several images, sometimes asking us to input numbers listening to an audio file.

The Uncaptcha code only needs to make a single request to a free, publicly available speech to text API to achieve around 90% accuracy over of the captcha challenges.

Check out the open repo on GitHub.


Facebook Engineering Team Open Sources StateService: A State Machine as a Service for Dev Ops Teams

All of the services in Facebook are designed to be resilient. They are built intelligent enough to recover automatically from network outages. In case they lose connection with other services running concurrently in real time. The entire service as a whole doesn’t get affected by a few services, or a data centre going down.

All of the production services at Facebook are built in-house. It also integrates with several other third-party services which run in VMs. Bouncing back from a third party service outage isn’t such a simple task & requires time to get things back to normal.

To tackle this Facebook wrote a solution StateService which helps reduce the disaster recovery time.
Facebook eventually open sourced the service to the community that would help the solution grow even better. Here is the GitHub repo.


Code Your Way To A Smart Home With Raspberry Pi & Mozilla’s Things Getaway

This is one of the coolest things I came across on the web. With Mozilla’s Things Getaway & Raspberry Pi we can control the devices on our home directly via the web from our phones or laptops. This is cool stuff!!

Project Things is a framework of software and services that can bridge the communication gap between connected devices by giving “things” URLs on the web.

So, instead of controlling each device from a separate dedicated app. We can control all the devices from one single app.

Project Things focuses on three components:

The Things Gateway: This is an open source implementation that acts as a gateway. It bridges the IoT devices to the web.

Things Cloud – This is a collection of cloud services hosted by Mozilla. It helps with the management of quite a big number of IoT devices spread of a wide geographic area.

Things Framework – Things framework helps developers write modular, reusable components which further helps in creating IoT devices connecting directly to the Web.

In case you want to contribute to the project. The code is available on GitHub.


An Insight into the CERN Labs Open Data Portal Backend Technology Stack

In a SuperUser article,  the technology lead behind the CERN Open Data portal talks about the backend technology stack of the portal. The portal holds petabytes of research data on particle physics & stuff.

The portal runs on about 8 virtual machines running on CERN OpenStack cloud infrastructure. The machines are managed by Puppet & the portal runs on top of the Invenio repository framework.

The Invenio framework is an open source framework for managing large-scale digital repositories. Redis is used as a caching solution & the database being SQL based.


How SkySight is Using AWS Platform to Build Customized Weather Report For Aviation Companies

SkySight is a company which studies weather, the patterns, runs analysis & provides forecasts to companies running on a national scale. Initially starting with running servers on-prem

The major issue was the servers running cost as the computation wasn’t required round the clock. The servers would just sit underutilized, costing the company a lot of money. Eventually, they decided to move to AWS where spinning up server instances on demand reduced their infrastructural costs by notches. The cost per compute went down substantially.

They were able to spin up & down the server instances on requirement within minutes. The migration was pretty quick & now they are experimenting with AWS lambda to further optimize their infrastructure & business costs.


Flair – A State Of The Art Natural Language Processing Framework

Flair is a natural language processing framework by Zalando Research

The code is available on GitHub. Flair is a powerful NLP library which allows us to NLP models to our text, such as such as named entity recognition (NER), part-of-speech tagging (PoS), sense disambiguation and classification.

Also, the framework has grown to a quite a number of languages. It is built on top of Pytorch, which makes it easy to train models.


PANE Programming With Visible Data

PANE is a live, functional programming environment built around data-visibility. In PANE, all intermediate values are visible by default, and you construct a program by acting on these concrete values.


How Newyork Times Tech Stack Evolved Over Time

In a stackshare.io post, Newyork times CTO talks about how the tech stack of NYT evolved over time.

Newyork times being one of the biggest publications in the world with over 150 millions unique visits monthly faced several challenges scaling their platform.

NYT’s online platform started with a traditional LAMP stack, PHP & MySQL on the backend & then migrated to Google Cloud to manage the continual rise in traffic.

The present UI of NYT is written with ReactJS & uses GraphQL to manage the API calls.


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